Text In Church
Text In Church
  • ​Fill the gap between people who want to visit your church and getting them to actually show up
  • Engage with your website visitors, answer questions, build trust, and make them feel at home before they ever step foot in your church
  • ​​Eliminate the personal fear and vulnerability of people that want to attend your church with clear next steps and what to expect
Plan A Visit Blueprint
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Or maybe you don't even know what Plan A Visit is. Well, have you ever...
  • ​ Wanted to learn how to get more guests to show up at your church?
  • ​ Wished you knew when new guests were coming?
  • ​ Wanted to avoid first time guests falling through the cracks?
  • ​ Looked into a website feature that will interact with all the traffic you’re getting?
  • ​ Wanted to engage with people in a powerful way that’s familiar to them?
If you answered YES! to any or all of those... then Plan A Visit is the answer!
"I noticed after church on a Sunday morning, one of our first time guests was bawling her eyes out.  

Concerned, I went over and asked if she was okay. She told me she was recently divorced, and her and her kids moved here all alone, and she hadn't felt as loved and seen as she did today in a long time.

Fast forward, she is now a critical piece of our serve team and thriving in her new community. 

THAT's the power of Plan A Visit.” - Pastor Ryan Keller, Church On A Mission

When Ryan added a Plan A Visit feature on his church’s website, they were finally able to reach and connect with people who were thinking about coming to their church, but they’ve never shown up.

People were expressing their interest by coming to the website and now… Ryan and his team can get to know them, get their contact information, go on a relationship journey and invite them to their church.

Plan A Visit fills the gap between people who want to visit your church and actually getting them to show up so you can host them incredibly well.

That’s why we developed the Plan A Visit Blueprint... to provide you an entire Plan A Visit process and learn the significance each step plays in turning website visitors into church guests. PLUS... give you tools, message templates, and actionable steps to implement Plan A Visit today!
Everything you need to implement Plan A Visit on your church's website
  • ​  3 Reasons Your Church Needs Plan A Visit On Your Website
  • ​  7 Components Your Plan A Visit Feature Needs To Have
  • ​  6 Key Plan A Visit Messages That Engage Your Website Visitors
  • ​  3 Messages That Keep You Connected With Your "No Shows"
  • ​  PLUS... Video Scripts To Welcome, Invite, & Encourage Your Guests
Plan A Visit isn't just another website tool. It’s an extension of your church’s heart for your community. And like with any tool, you need a proven plan to make it effective and to save you time.
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